Tomb Raider Goty Trainer Guide

Tomb Raider Goty Trainer

In this guide, we’ll talk about the PLITCH’s Tomb Raider 2013 v1.1.732.1 TRAINER and its features. We’ll also discuss the installation and safety of this trainer, so you’ll be able to enjoy this game without worrying about any problems. If you’re unsure about how to install it, keep reading for more information! To install the trainer, follow these simple steps:


The main features of Tomb Raider Goty Trainer are unlimited health and ammo, no reload, salvage, skill points and experience points, and no game time limit. Moreover, the trainer allows the player to unlock all the weapons. The cheats are designed for the retail version of the game. To get started with the cheats, all the player needs to do is copy the trainer file to the root of the game installation directory.

As the title suggests, this game is an action adventure, which revolves around the adventures of the Amazon Lara Croft. The gameplay of the game involves exploration of ancient tombs and a mix of ranged and melee combat. Lara Croft uses her skills to hunt animals and humans and escape from violent explosions. Moreover, she also uses PLITCH Training-Codes and Cheats, which give her unlimited ammo and God mode.


Using a Safety of Tomb Raider Goty Trainer is a great way to maximize the amount of ammo you can carry in a clip. Although Lara Croft can use various weapons, some of them can run out of ammo. As a result, Lara can’t defeat powerful enemies without the right ammo. This trainer makes this process easier, as the amount of ammo is never reduced.

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You’ll need a PC to run Tomb Raider Goty Trainer, and you’ll need to install it to your computer. To install this trainer, simply copy it to the root of your game installation. Then, start the game and press a couple of keys to activate the trainer. After that, you can play the game as normal. The trainer also indicates what keys you should press in-game.

The trainer allows you to unlock a variety of features. For example, you can install unlimited resources or Haze. This mod will also let you change your character’s skin to match your favorite actress. You can also install the Trainer if you don’t want to make your character look like Angelina Jolie, or if you don’t have the money to buy her. Depending on what features you’re looking for, you can choose which cheats work best for you.


In the first few hours of the game, you will be wondering which keys to press to gain an advantage over other players. If this is the case, you may want to learn how to make use of controls for Tomb Raider Goty. To do so, you must follow a simple set of instructions. You will need to copy the trainer to the root of your installed game, and then run it before playing. This trainer will show you which keys to press during the game.

The controls for the game are simple, and they allow you to move the character with ease. As long as you have the proper key combinations, you can easily achieve your goal. Unlike some other games, the game allows you to control Lara Croft with your keyboard. By pressing the W/A/S/D keys, you can move forward or backward. You need not worry about resetting the controls. You can also select which controls work on your keyboard or mouse.

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If you’ve ever been unsure of the best way to get a Tomb Raider Goty Trainer, you’re not alone. Many people find it challenging to complete the game without cheating or using a cheat code. If you’ve ever played a similar game, you’ve probably wished you could skip the difficult sections altogether, but Tomb Raider doesn’t do this. To save yourself a lot of trouble, here are some helpful tips to help you get the best possible score.

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