Super Cheats

Super Cheats
Super Cheats

Super Cheats is a site that contains a huge collection of cheat codes. It also features walkthrough guides, answers, and other material for different games. This site is available for various gaming consoles. Its cheat codes can be used to unlock super modes, increase cash and health, and much more. Additionally, it features news, forums, and other information that can help gamers succeed in their favorite games.


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This Super cheats works on the original SNES version of the game, without any modifications. To use it, hold down Y+R on your second gamepad and then use the first gamepad to press A or Start. This will bring you to the character select screen. From there, you can select a character and begin playing in free mode. In free mode, you can enter a two-player match and control the CPU character with your second gamepad.

GameSpot Alternatives

While GameSpot is the most popular gaming website, there are plenty of alternatives you can use if you’re not a fan of it. These alternatives are mainly Gaming Cheating Tools, but some also act as Review Websites and Aggregators. You can filter them by the features they offer.

One of the major benefits of GameSpot is that it offers tons of content that’s geared toward gamers. The site includes news about the gaming industry, reviews of new games, and more. Moreover, it has a dedicated gaming forum. This community helps gamers discuss the latest games, and it’s easy to use.

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Games Radar

GamesRadar is an online game review and news site that is a little bit different from the rest. While its main purpose is to provide news and reviews on video games, it also offers assorted resources like buying tips, walkthroughs, and game cheats. It covers a lot of different gaming platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and the less popular Sega Saturn. You can also find out what games are unlockable, and submit your own tips to help other gamers beat a game.

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Radar hacks can give you an advantage over other players by letting you know where enemies are hidden. They can help you plan ambushes and complete tasks more efficiently. This hack can also help you get an edge over other players in a multiplayer game.

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