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Strip 4 Cheats & Super Hacks In 2022

Strip 4 Cheats

Strip 4 Cheats

If you’re looking a Strip 4 Cheats, you’re in the right place. This article will tell you how to get a better shotgun in Strip 4 and how to enter cheat codes to increase your score. Also, you’ll discover how to make Lola a prostitute and get better items in the game.

Lola is a prostitute in Strip 4 Cheats

Strip 4 Cheats

Prostitute Lola in Strip 4 is a game for the PC that is set in 1950s Germany. This satire of local corruption and the corrupt behavior of the townspeople focuses on a prostitute called Lola. She is one of the most expensive prostitutes in the world. Von Bohm develops a relationship with her outside of the whorehouse but has no idea that she is a professional prostitute.

Lola in Strip 4 is a complex, yet surprisingly likable character. The storyline is a combination of fantasy and reality, with a mix of satire and realism. In the end, it is a compelling ride through a small German city. Moreover, Lola’s character is not just a victim; she tries to gain social recognition with her beautiful beauty.

How to get good shotgun in Strip 4

A shotgun is one of the most common and useful weapons in Strip 4. It is a good weapon for close range combat and lasts a long time. Also, its magazine size is large enough to carry a decent amount of ammo. As long as you can find a good source, a shotgun can be a valuable asset in Strip 4.

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How to enter cheat code in Strip 4

You can enter cheat codes in Strip 4 through your keyboard. You can also enter these codes on Niko’s cell phone. The cheat codes will be listed under Options. If you want to avoid entering your phone number, you can disable this feature by clicking the Options menu. However, it is important to note that using cheat codes will prevent you from completing achievements. Also, you can only use a single cheat code at a time.

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