Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town Trainer

Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town Trainer

If you are interested in finding out how to get more gold and Preorder bonuses in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town, then you will be glad to know that there is a trainer for this game! You can easily change hotkeys and even change the trainer! Let us show you how. Continue reading to find out how to get Gold and Preorder Bonuses in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town!

Preorder bonuses

The story of the pioneers of Olive Town continues in the sequel to the hit MMORPG, Story Of Seasons. The protagonist runs a farm and has a colorful cast of residents. You will find yourself getting involved in a lot of events as you try to build a better life for yourself and your family. It will not be easy, however, if you’re not prepared for the challenges ahead.

The eShop for the upcoming game is now open for preorders, and as such, the first of these is a special outfit for your character, Buffy the Buffalo. The trailer for this outfit also shows the two farmers dressed up in costumes, and confirms that you can buy the outfit later. Once the game launches in North America, it will be available separately. However, preorders for the game will get you a chance to pick up a couple of extra outfits.


To be successful at Farming in Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town, you must first expand your farm. This will require clearing out land and building more space for crops. You will also need stamina to mine and water your crops. Fortunately, the game has plenty of features to keep you busy. Keep reading for a rundown on some of the best ways to make your farm flourish. Then, you can begin farming in Olive Town!

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To begin your farming adventure, you need to repair your farm buildings and bridges. Then, you can unlock the various animals that can help you out in the game. After that, you can begin building machines to make planks and ores. In addition, you can build three bricks machines, one mayonnaise machine, and one cloth machine. Once you’ve accumulated these tools, you’ll be able to build the rest of your farm.

Changing the trainer

If you have trouble starting the game, the best way to change the game’s difficulty level is to download the Changing the Story Of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town trainer. After installing it, start the game and press the key combination that corresponds to the desired hotkey. This will make the game easier to play. There are two ways to change the hotkey: using the F1 key or pressing the corresponding button on the trainer.

The first way is to download the game itself. The game has numerous farming features that can help you get more profit. You can also download the game’s trainer from the internet. Changing the Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town trainer is available to download for free. Once you have it, you can then install it on your PC. You will need to run it as administrator. This way, you can access the game’s cheats and hacks without having to worry about your PC.

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