Storm The House 3 Cheats

Storm The House 3 Cheats
Storm The House 3 Cheats

In Storm The House 3 Cheats is here and this game have to defend your home for 40 days. During this time you can upgrade your weapons to protect your house against harder attacks. There are various types of weapons you can upgrade, including shotguns and assault rifles. It is recommended that you upgrade your weapon after each day to have a better defense.

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Storm The House 3 Cheats

Storm the House 3 is a free online Flash-based shooter game. It was created by Case Hollingsworth, who did the programming and art, and Robbie Lee, who did the animation. It was released in October 2008 and is free to download. The game was developed with Flash CS3 and Actionscript 2. The game plays like a tower defense game where you must protect your house from attacks from the enemies.

To improve your game experience, you can use cheat codes in Storm the House 3. These cheats will make it easier for you to complete certain levels. For example, you can enter codes to have unlimited money and ammunition. Another cheat will allow you to access all weapons. You can use these cheat codes in the main menu of the game. Some of these codes are more effective than others, while others have little or no effect on the overall game. In addition, you can use cheat codes to increase your defense or make your enemies moonwalk.

As with most games in the series Defend Your Castle, you need to defend your house from invaders. Successful kills will earn you cash that you can spend on weapons and defense base upgrades. This cash will enable you to buy better weapons and withstand more ferocious attacks.

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Storm the House 3 is a free online shooter game. Developed by Ivory, it’s a sequel to the original game. This time, the enemies are no longer stick men, and the graphics are much better than before. As a bonus, you can also use the “god mode” to gain unlimited money, ammunition, and weapons. While many of these cheats can be helpful, not all of them will impact the outcome of the game.

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