Shining Force 2 Cheats

Shining Force 2 Cheats
Shining Force 2 Cheats

Shining Force 2 Cheats are here and If you’ve already completed Shining Force 2 and want to reset the game, or change your character, you can use the Game Configuration Mode. This mode allows you to rename your character and even change the game difficulty. It’s also possible to reset your game and start a new game. In order to do this, hold down START + UP and press C. This will open a window with the game’s configuration settings.

shining force 2 walkthrough

Shining Force 2 is a great RPG game with a great story line and a fun cast of characters. The game takes place in the Kingdom of Gaurdiana, and the player takes on the role of the Shining Force, who fight against an invasion by the evil Runefaust. As they progress through the game, they gain new friends and warriors who can help them in their battles. You will also encounter new boats and spells. There are many different creatures to fight, and this game will keep you busy for hours.

Shining Force 2 features two play modes, each with their own objectives. The exploration mode lets you explore different towns and talk to people to advance the plot, while the battle mode allows you to engage in tactical combat. Players will be able to see the enemy from a close-up perspective, which will help them decide on the best strategy to use.

shining force 2 cheats game genie

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Shining Force 2 Cheats

If you have a SEGA Genesis, you can use Game Genie Codes to speed up your game. They work during battle and help you level up characters very quickly. However, these codes don’t work on normal items, such as wands, arrows, and coins. They will also corrupt and delete your saved game files. This method will only work on an emulator and is not recommended for real games.

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Shining Force 2 features excellent graphics. The characters move fluidly, and the overworld map is massive. The game also offers a chess board-like layout, with many different enemies and dungeons. Unlike the first game, Shining Force II has a large variety of enemies. You’ll have to fight them in dungeons and towers, and their attacks are very realistic. In addition, the US version of Shining Force 2 does not allow you to open treasure chests during battles.

shining force 2 secrets

If you have been playing Shining Force 2, then you’ve probably noticed that there are secret codes in the game. Some of them are related to a story line and others will only be revealed in the game’s later chapters. One of these secrets will tell you why Aeris Page had to die.

You can find these codes by using an emulator. One such emulator is Gens 2.11. The first time you enter the code, you’ll see the sega logo. If the game is off, you will lose the code. Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the process. This can be a hassle, but once you get it, you’ll be glad you’ve spent the extra time to get it!

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shining force 1 cheats

Shining Force 2 Cheats,shining force 2 walkthrough,shining force 2 cheats game genie,shining force 2 secrets,shining force 1 cheats,shining force 2 item codes

In Shining Force 1, cheats are codes that can be used in battle. These codes work only for the SEGA Genesis version. You can only use one of these codes at a time. You must enter the code when the sega logo appears. If you don’t do this, the code will be deleted.

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One of these codes can be used to skip the opening village of Guardiana. You can also trick NPCs to move into your path. This will allow you to explore the area around the village and visit the shrine where the first battle occurs. You will also be able to hear dialogue from other characters that were not in your party when you left the village early. There are also some other cheats you can use for Shining Force.

shining force 2 item codes

You can unlock items in Shining Force II: Return of the King by using cheat codes. There are four different cheat codes that you can use to make certain items more powerful. These codes work only during battle and do not stack with other codes. Once you use a cheat code, your items will not function normally, but they will increase in level. The Fairy Powder, for instance, will increase in level every time you use it. You can do this as many times as you want.

Gerhalt is a wolfman in Shining Force 2. He’s originally from Polca Village, but later finds out the townspeople were being tricked and joins the fight. He’s a strong character who can grow to be one of your strongest characters. To make him more powerful, you can equip items that increase his movement range and learn powerful attacks.

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