Planetside 2 Ps4 Implants Cheats

Planetside 2 Ps4 Implants Cheats
Planetside 2 Ps4 Implants Cheats

Planetside 2 Ps4 Implants Cheats are here and Planetside 2 is an extremely popular game. The gameplay is very addictive, and there are lots of cheats that you can use to get extra cash and resources. You can also find some good tips and tricks to help you with the game.

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The Assimilate and Adrenaline Shield are a very powerful combination in Planetside 2. They not only make your character more durable, but they also increase your survivability in chain situations. If you happen to be in a situation where you need to kill the first person and then keep going, this combo will ensure you’ll get it done.

Unlike many of the other implants, this one isn’t very common. However, it’s a handy perk to have on hand at all times. It restores your health when you die from a headshot, a nice addition to any player.

The Hold Breath duration is useful for beginners or anyone who likes to chain shots. This is especially good for bolt action rifles and semi auto rifles. There is a bonus of 4 seconds if you have a high rank in this ability.

Another common implant is passive regeneration. Similar to the Assimilate, it doesn’t fully restore your shields at their maximum. On the other hand, it does provide you with an additional boost to your aim.


Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, the Implants/Overdrive feature is an important tool that can help you scout enemies, deal damage and chain your shots. There are several Implants/Overdrives, each with its own benefits. The most useful ones are Bionics and Nightmare, but there are also some lesser-known implants.

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For example, the Bionics implant replaces 400 health with 400 shields. This can be a very helpful boost, especially for a flanking class. However, you will lose resistance against EMP grenades and Spitfire Turrets.

In addition, the nightmare implant grants you breathing room while escaping an ambush. It can also hide jet pack flames and muzzle flashes. You’ll also have reduced resistance to tank rounds.

The flinch implant, meanwhile, reduces screen shake from nearby explosions. Additionally, it also increases the duration of Hold Breath. As its name suggests, Hold Breath is a time-limited ability that is useful for casual snipers and those who are new to bolt-action rifles.

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Planetside 2 is coming to PS4 and will feature some new implants. These will help players customize their playstyle. Some implants will be extremely powerful, while others may be more limited. The community will be able to buy them with Station Cash and Certifications. However, many players are not sure how useful these implants will be.

For example, there is the Sidearm Implant which triggers when an enemy dies from environmental damage. It is also active when an enemy dies from a Quick Knife or an Anti-Personnel Explosive. Another implant is the Nightmare, which hides the muzzle flash of a weapon, and is activated by a melee attack. This allows the player to avoid being seen by nearby explosives.

Other implants include the EMP Shielding, which protects players from the effects of EMP grenades. In addition, there is the Clear Vision implant, which shields against flash grenade effects. There is also the Regeneration implant, which regenerates health over time.

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