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Planet Zoo Trainer

Planet Zoo Trainer Cheats

If you’re looking for a way to hack the game’s UI and increase your score, try installing the Planet Zoo Trainer. This cheat trainer contains six cheats, divided into two categories: Challenge and Career Points. Activate the cheats as needed using the trainer’s UI or hotkeys. You can also use the cheats to add unlimited career and challenge points to your account and research faster. Read on for more information.

Work Zones

Work Zones in Planet Zoo Trainer are a way to ensure that you have enough staff to care for each exhibit and animal. Each work zone contains two exhibits, the closest keeper hut, and the staff room. Larger herds may need only one keeper to keep the habitat clean. Smaller herds can share one keeper. Keepers should be aware of their schedules and assignments as well as the different kinds of exhibits, which can make them easily miss a shift. Then, if needed, there are additional keepers to fill in the gaps.

The zoo can also be divided into separate work zones. Mechanics keep the zoo in top shape. They can also repair buildings and fences. You can assign mechanics to a specific work zone, but this requires a Workshop. Security personnel keep the park safe and prevent pickpocketing and vandalism. Vendors staff the food and drink stands, information huts, and merchandise shops.


There are several reasons to become an Educator at the Planet Zoo. Educators provide educational information about various animals, their habitats, and conservation. They also increase the satisfaction of visitors. The job is highly active, so educators should be physically fit. Most Educators at Planet Zoo earn about $35k annually. You will have the chance to interact with animals that are not normally seen. The Zoo’s Educators also provide Animal Talks and updates.

Education is a central focus at Planet Zoo. Educators use technology such as signs, devices, and speakers to help guests learn more about the animals and their habitats. The Zoo’s Education Rating helps educators understand how to best educate visitors. Here are some tips:


If you’re looking to level up your Transformers in Planet Zoo quickly, there are several options available. One of the most popular options is a cheat code generator, but it’s not as effective as a real-life one. This program will automatically generate cheat codes for each animal you want to unlock in the game. You can also find cheat codes for Transformers in Planet Zoo on different websites. If you want to cheat for the game, here are some tips:

First, it’s important to remember that this game was released in two formats: floppy disk and cassette. The floppy disk version contains a brief introduction and loads the “transformation” animations from the game’s disk. The cassette version, on the other hand, lacks the introductory sequence but allows players to choose which Transformer character they want to play as. The map screen icons change color depending on whether you’re playing as a vehicle or a robot. Both versions will crash at the same point in the game, Pipeline Junction.

Animal Talk Points

Educators can now enable or disable Animal Talk Points. They can also be assigned to different zones, such as the work zone, exhibit, or food zone. Educators can also choose to make the Animal Talk Points interactive, such as throwing food in the habitat. The Educator can also change the music used when the Animal Talk Point is not active. Educators can also select which species of animal they want to educate visitors on.

You can assign Educators to different Animal Talks to increase the overall impact of the program. Educators can also roam the zoo, sometimes holding short talks about nearby species. They can also talk about various conservation issues. Educators need rest between Animal Talks to recover their energy levels. When they wander, they will often give a mini-talk to a group of visitors.

Veterinary Surgery

The planet zoo has its own veterinary surgery, where veterinarians can help sick or injured animals. These zoo veterinarians also conduct research on enrichment, education, and food quality. Veterinarians at the zoo spend half of their time in the animal habitats. Fortunately, zookeepers can get by with only one veterinarian per two staff members. However, the need for veterinary services at planet zoos is greater than ever.

Animals that need medical help may be quarantined to prevent the spread of disease. When possible, animals in combat may need veterinary treatment to recover. While keepers are often able to diagnose such situations themselves, the vets can help. Depending on the severity of an illness, the vet can perform surgery to treat the animal. The duration of the treatment will depend on the disease and the vet’s training. The more serious the illness or injury, the longer it will take.

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