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My Little Terrarium Cheats & Super Hacks In 2022

My Little Terrarium Cheats

My Little Terrarium Cheats here and this is a fun game with a wide variety of creatures you can keep. You can buy terrariums to keep your animals and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round and cube terrariums. Each terrarium costs 300000 gold. You can also buy extra plants to grow in your terrariums.

my little terrarium panda

In order to gain experience and progress in the My Little Terrarium, you must feed the animals in your terrarium. Different animals like specific foods. For instance, the cat likes tuna. It is possible to purchase food from the free shop. You can also make your own food in your home building. All you need is 5 minutes to prepare food for your animals. Once they are full, you will be rewarded with a gift.

If you have already bought plants in the store, you can water them by tapping the watering can icon or use the scythe icon. You can also use the scythe to remove weeds. Buying plants in the game requires gold.

my little terrarium koala

Getting the right food for your koala is easy, but you’ll have to spend some time doing it! You might get food in the form of bubbles when watering the plants, but you’ll have to wait for it to float in the air to be collected. You can also watch videos to earn random foods. However, you must wait three minutes between videos.

my little terrarium food guide

The food guide in My Little Terrarium is a comprehensive reference that includes the types of foods each of the animals in the game prefers. You can easily choose the type of food that each of your animals will eat by looking at their preferred food list. The guide also includes a list of statues and love objects. These can be purchased in the shop and placed inside your terrarium.

The rabbit in My Little Terrarium likes Tea and Bread. Other animals like Scorpion Cake and Worms. The Lesser Panda, on the other hand, prefers a salad and fruit. Carrots are the worst food for the Cat, while the Blue Bird and the Fox prefer a warm stew or a blueberry tart.

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my little terrarium shiba

There are lots of things to do in My Little Terrarium. You can purchase and plant different plants and animals, but you must remember that each of them requires water and weed removal. To water your plants, tap the watering can icon and weed with the scythe icon. You can also buy new plants with gold.

One of the best ways to get the Shiba Dog and Panda is to grow the cherry tree 50 percent. Then, you can plant three different types of plants nearby to attract the Panda. A tea table will attract the Rabbit, but he will only come out on weekends. Feeding will also fill their hearts, allowing you to get a statue.

my little terrarium otter

To make your animal friends happy, you can use food items from the shop. Each animal has specific food preferences. Whether you’re feeding an otter, a rabbit, or a panda, the food you prepare will affect the behavior of the animal. If the animal has a full heart, you will receive a gift.

Food can also be collected inside bubbles in the air. Watering plants will also cause food to float up in the air. Occasionally, you’ll find a chest tied to a balloon that contains two different foods. Watching these videos will reward you with random food. Once you have enough food, you can prepare two meals.

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