Kena Bridge of Spirits Trainer

The fantasy action-adventure game Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available for PlayStation 4. It was first unveiled at the PlayStation 5 Showcase in September 2020. The game was particularly popular among fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In this game, players explore a magical forest with spirit companions, expanding their teams and gaining new abilities. To make the game more fun, you can add cheat codes to your game with exclusive PLITCH Training-Codes.

Battle with the Rot God

You’ll have to get past the platforming areas in Battle with the Rot God to reach the final boss. You’ll need to dodge his attacks and avoid being hit by his special abilities. The Corrupt Rot God is a lumbering giant that uses melee attacks to deal massive damage. Here’s what to expect in the final battle. If you’ve been playing Kena Bridge of Spirits, you’ve likely noticed that this final boss has numerous attacks. To beat him, you’ll need to dodge and time your shots to hit his weak points.

To win the battle with the Rot God, you’ll need to destroy the glowing rot that covers the boss’ body. You can use the Spirit Bow to shoot the rot, and it’s also possible to use charged arrows to attack enemies. The best way to avoid being hit is to shoot the glowing rot with the Spirit Bow. You’ll also need to use your special attack to attack Kena’s enemies.

Using Kena’s shield as a shield

While you’re using Kena’s shield, keep in mind that it slows you down. Instead of using a shield, try parrying to avoid damage and improve your chances of parrying an enemy. If you don’t feel comfortable parrying, use parry counters and the Light Attack button to perform a spinning attack instead. By using these tips, you’ll be able to effectively utilize Kena’s shield when you need to.

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Use your shield wisely. While Kena’s shield is a good tool against many enemies, it can be vulnerable against main bosses. You’ll have to be extra careful and only use it when necessary, as enemies will constantly attack her. Even if you use your shield on a single boss, they may charge up a stronger attack if you don’t dodge their attacks or dodge theirs.

Using Kena’s spirit pulse as an offensive ability

Using Kena’s spirit pulse as a primary offensive ability is a fantastic way to stall your enemies in their tracks. Many enemies have very long wind-ups, making them easy to avoid. Using a bow can give Kena a much better chance of hitting an enemy in the head. You can also use Kena’s long-range arsenal to knock enemies out of animation.

The most important control in the game is Kena’s spirit pulse. This ability sends out a pulsating energy in a moderate radius. The pulsating energy will reveal hidden secrets and crystals, as well as trigger puzzles and doors. When used properly, this ability will be extremely powerful in combat. It also saves arrows when used correctly. But how can you best utilize Kena’s spirit pulse as an offensive ability?

To use this ability as an offensive tool, Kena must first find 65 Rot, or else she will be unable to move or attack. Rot can be helpful in a number of situations, from helping Kena find treasure to opening up new paths. For example, in one scene, Kena encountered a bridge which collapsed halfway, but was still usable with the help of a Rot. The Rot, fortunately, was able to help Kena by pulling a loose rope, making it easier for her to cross the bridge. Rot are not strong creatures and only had a short time to hold onto the rope before it slipped and broke.

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Adding cheats to Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Adding cheats to Kena: Bridge Of Spirits will give you an upper-hand over the game. There are thirteen tips for Kena to get through the game and complete each challenge. The game has a lot of friendly fire so you should be prepared to use your own bombs, as well. The bigger enemy will kill the smaller ones, so try to angle her attack to them. Thin out herds to focus on the biggest threat, and remember to use her shield last.

The key to unlocking the highest difficulty setting is Karma. You need this to unlock upgrades and powers for your character. The best way to get more Karma is by purifying statues that have become corrupted. Flower Shrines will give you at least 40 Karma for purifying them. These statues will usually appear during a story, so you can collect them while you’re watching the story.

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