Iridion 2 Cheats

Iridion 2 Cheats
Iridion 2 Cheats

If you’re looking for Iridion 2 Cheats, you’ve come to the right place. Using cheat codes can make the game much easier to complete. The Iridion 3D codes are also available on Gameshark. This way, you can quickly unlock all of the cheats in the game without even having to open the game.

Iridion 2 Cheat codes

Iridion 2 Cheats,Iridion 2 Cheat codes

Iridion 2 is an action-packed game where you have to fight against the IRIDION Empire. They have invaded all colonized systems and only one spaceship can save the world. The game is also packed with over 25 songs and a gallery to unlock. If you are looking for a cheat code for this game, you are in luck!

The player pilots the SHN-27 through three different modes of play, although Story Mode has to be cleared in order to unlock the other modes in the game such as Arcade and Challenge.

In Story mode, the player follows a plot involving the defense fleet chasing the Iridion forces through five different solar systems in three areas each, although each area is symbolized as a planet (including asteroid belts and space travel zones). There is a total of fifteen levels, each ending in a boss battle. The other modes include Arcade and Challenge mode, the latter being a boss-attack mode.

The player has to select from one of six weapons at the beginning of each stage, but the player can also select and change weapons during game play once a green power-up was collected. The player can also use the Power-ups to empower firing strength or replenish the ship’s armor. The green power-ups also increases the shot count by adding two Satellites (or Options) that saddled alongside the ship. The player could change the position of the Satellites depending on the ship’s movement, but only while the ship was not firing.

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The player can also collect Bomb pick-ups and could stock up a total of three. The player’s ship was also equipped with a charge shot that, once fully charged, would unleash a very powerful plasma blast. The ship has an armor gauge that once depleted would destroy the ship completely and the player would have to start from a checkpoint.

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