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Granblue Fantasy Versus Trainer

Granblue Fantasy Versus Trainer Guide

The game Granblue Fantasy Versus is a unique blend of fighting and RPG style adventure. This action game includes hotkeys, trophy lists, and achievements. You can use the trainer to earn more rewards and power up your characters. This article will show you how to access your achievements and other features in Granblue Fantasy Versus. You can also learn how to obtain items. Just be sure to follow the tips and tricks provided in the guide.


You can unlock new features, including the Granblue Fantasy Versus Trainer, by beating the game’s challenging bosses and completing the game’s objectives. Although the game’s cheats are often not achievement-based, you can use the Granblue Fantasy Versus Trainer to access the non-achievable cheats. In addition to the game’s trainer, you can find a walkthrough and cheat codes. Often, the walkthrough is divided into several parts. The first is the Complete Solution, while the other is a small guide that covers the game’s basics.

The game’s competitive modes offer a variety of options for players who don’t want to play as the same main character. Rather than relying on the main character, players can try out a variety of characters, each with different abilities and fighting styles. The character motions are similar, so you can try each one out without putting a large amount of time into getting to know each one. The game also has simplified movements that simulate the motions of higher level matches.

Trophy lists

There are some trophies that are only available for certain characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus. You can earn these trophies by completing missions and the RPG mode. To earn the Vyrn trophy, you need to unlock a themed weapon. To unlock this trophy, go to the RPG mode and look for the Bonus Missions tab. These missions offer unique weapons and skills that you can use. You will need to complete two sections of a fight to unlock the trophy.

You can get a trophy for completing a story quest, a boss battle, and various other tasks. There are a lot of things you can do in Granblue Fantasy Versus Trainer. There are trophies for different achievements, and these trophies are categorized into three types – story quests, bosses, and optional tasks. If you want to earn these trophies without playing the game, make sure to back up your save data periodically.


One of the best ways to cheat in Granblue Fantasy Versus is by using the available Hotkeys. These shortcuts are unique to each game, and you can change them as many times as you wish. To change the hotkeys, simply hover over the key you’d like to edit. Once in edit mode, you can choose any key you want to be bound to it. Fortunately, most games have customizable hotkeys for Granblue Fantasy.

Obtaining items

Obtaining items in Granblue Fantasy Versus can be done through cheat codes. The game’s cheats allow you to access the game’s features without spending any money. There are several ways to get more items in Granblue Fantasy Versus, and they are discussed below. The game has a variety of different modes and cheat codes. However, if you want a fast and easy way to obtain items, then a trainer can help you achieve this.

You must first obtain the Vira and Avatar Belial characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus in order to be able to get the items. The game has new tracks in its Battle Music section and an updated lobby avatar. You can also obtain colors 9 and 18 with Renown Pendants and choose color 19 by unlocking the Character Color “Gran” in “Premium Battle Pass Round 4”.

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