FTL Trainer – How to Install and Use a Faster Than Light Trainer

To facilitate the gaming process, an FTL Trainer is the only way to get an edge over the others. Unfortunately, FTL does not offer any in-game cheats, console options, or other means of cheating. In order to change or edit game memory, you can use a trainer. This guide will teach you how to install and use a trainer and third-party software. The guide also describes the secrets, glitches, and saves in FTL.

Free Download

The Free Download of FTL Trainer for Xbox One or PS4 allows you to change the parameters of the game. This trainer has six in-game cheats, and it can help you achieve higher score multiplier than the game itself. FTL’s trainer is available for all versions of the game, including the latest version 1.5.4. You can find instructions on how to install the trainer in this guide. It will also tell you how to install third-party trainer software on your console.

In Faster Than Light, the interface is simple and easy to navigate. You can choose from eight different ships to play as. The game features high AI and a variety of paths to choose from. The sound tracks and dialogues are unique and the game’s graphics are beautiful. There’s nothing more addictive than fast-paced strategy gaming. It’s highly recommended to try this free download if you have not tried the game yet.


A trainer is a program that will facilitate the process of playing FTL. It is essential to train properly to boost your chances of success. Different types of women have different preferences, so you need to train at specific times. This guide will help you find the best times to train for each type. This guide also includes information about saving and modifying save files. Read the following to learn more about the FTL trainer. It can be downloaded for free from the internet.

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Before installing an FTL Trainer, you should first make sure that your computer is in good condition. Perform a malware scan, clean your hard drive with sfc /scannow, and uninstall any unwanted programs. Monitor auto-start programs and run msconfig if necessary. Also, make regular backups. Make sure that you back up important files before editing any game files. Then, follow the instructions below to install the FTL Trainer.


A cheat trainer is an essential tool in Faster Than Light, but many players aren’t familiar with these tools. This article will discuss some of the features of this popular cheating application. The first is the ability to customize hotkeys. The cheat key can be changed for each game. To customize a key, just hover it over the key to bring up the edit mode. You can then choose the desired cheat key and assign it to it.

A Faster Than Light trainer lets you customize your hotkeys for a variety of functions. It supports the latest version of FTL and Steam+GOG, and includes cheats for unlimited fuel, crew health, drones, and scrap. It is also compatible with MacBan beta. If you want to change your hotkeys for FTL, you can download this version from the Steam Store or the Mac App Store.


You can use a third party software to modify FTL savegames. You can also install a trainer to speed up your gaming experience. Trainers are a great way to get a competitive edge in games without cheating. This guide covers the basics of using trainers and third party software. You can also get help from this guide to learn how to customize your game’s savegames. This guide also discusses cheats and secrets in the game.

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