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How to Downgrade Windows


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With Windows 11 launching and our software not compatible with it yet, I've decided to create this article to help you understand how you can easily go back to the previous version or upgrade to a specific version of Windows.

There's no need for USB drive CD drive, USB drive, or anything else. Download and go!

Simply click this link to choose the Windows version you would like to download (Windows 10 and higher is suggested)


Follow the directions for installing regular windows (you can choose to keep your data as well)

You can watch the youtube tutorial how to install your windows from HERE

I hope this will help you get back to the version of Windows you're looking for, and when you're done, make sure you go to the settings for window security and update, and stop windows updates so that it doesn't upgrade you to Windows 11!

This is the option I personally would make for re-installing, updating or downgrading my Windows:

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