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Pubg Predator


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[Supported OS ::Intel, AMD; Windows 10 and Windows 11; Supported Game Mode :: Windowed or Borderless;]


Anti-cheat Bypass: BE (Undetected) Anti-screenshot (Undetected) XIGNCODE3 (Undetected) Streamproof



All Features;

ESP Player [CAP Players]
Box - Circles the player with a square;
Box Type - 2D 3D or 2D filled square type;
ESP Name - Shows the names of enemies;
ESP Team - Changes the color of the display of the distance to the enemy in the form of the color of one team;
ESP HP - Shows the number of lives of enemies;
HP Type - Changes the type of display of lives (horizontal bar, in the form of numbers, in the form of a circle);
Skeleton - Shows the skeleton of enemies;
Distance - Shows the distance to enemies and objects;
Line - Shows the line to enemies;
Kill Count - Shows the number of kills of enemies;
Enemy Weapon - Shows the enemy's weapons, the number of cartridges in the magazine and the number of kills;
ShowBot - Shows bots;
Visible Check - Shows if the player is behind an obstacle.
LOOT ESP [CAP of Things]
Item Drop - Shows things;
Airdrop - Shows the contents of the Airdrop;
Item Pic - Display objects in pictures;
Image Size - Size of images for boxes and Airdrops;
Image SizeItem - The size of the images of objects;
Death Drop - Shows the contents of the enemy's box after death;
Vehicle - Shows transport; Item - Shows things;
Item Ammo / Shows ammo; - Item Armor / Shows Helmets and Armor;
Item Med / Shows medications;
Item Scope / Shows sights;
Item Weapon / Shows weapons;
Item Attach / Shows add-ons.
AIMBOT [Aimbot]
AIM - Activate the aimbot function; AIM Bone - Aim selection (Head, Body, Legs);
AIM Key - Select the aim button;
FOV - Hover circle size;
No FOV - Disable the display of the fov circle;
Aim Smooth - The speed of aiming the sight at the target.
MISC [Miscellaneous]
AntiScreenshot - Disables the ability to take screenshots of reading;
Radar - Radar on enemies, displayed separately from the mini map.






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