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    • The program is very nice. I like the simple menu, and how fast it is to modify important settings. In the past, I would check the list of weapon tiers to determine which weapon I could use to be successful in Apex Legends game. Nowadays, it's fun since I don't have to go through the loot area for about half of the game to find the exact weapon I'm accustomed to. The program handles the aim and all that, which is really great. The possibility of winning games with Mozambique is a blast. I'm not relying on weak support anymore as I know where my adversaries are in all times. There are no more Bloodhound Q's when you heard footsteps or believed that it was an enemy. I am awestruck that it includes a distance option. it lets me alter the the sniper rifle more precisely. So far , I've played with the program and not been banned as of yet. It is also simple to use and comprehend. No more long injecting times either. The program runs very smoothly with almost no loss of FPS which is another feature I like about it. There were other programs I had tested in the past which had a significant FPS loss but not this. It's like they are aware of exactly what they're doing. I absolutely love this program. Thanks for creating it!
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