For The Warriors Cheats

For The Warriors Cheats
For The Warriors Cheats

In For The Warriors Cheats here and, you can utilise cheat codes to earn 100% completion. You can also get stronger knives from the knife dealer who respawns constantly. You can also manipulate the radio in the Warriors’ hangout by pressing R1. It can be used to switch through the various “stations” and change the songs played. However, it is important to note that the radio itself cannot be damaged.

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For The Warriors Cheats

If you want to play The Warriors on your PlayStation Portable, you should download the PPSSPP emulator. The Warriors is an old game, but there are still many players who love playing it. It is a popular game, and many cheats are available for it. These include starting a new game, adding money, and adding weapons.

There are cheat codes in For The Warriors that will allow you to do whatever you want. The codes can give you infinite health and extra credits in the mini-game, “Armies of the Night.” You can enter the codes during game play by pressing the Up and Down buttons on your PlayStation 2 controller. You can also enter these codes to unlock certain objectives.

the warriors cheat codes 100% completion ps4

In For The Warriors, there are several different cheat codes that can help you complete the game. With these cheats, you can gain unlimited health, unlock Armies of the Night mini-game and more. These cheat codes are easily accessible by entering them during gameplay using the PlayStation 2 controller. Some of the codes you can use include Up, Down, Left, Riffs, and more. These codes will allow you to complete the game without having to pay a single penny to obtain them.

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the warriors cheats ps4

For The Warriors cheats allow you to unlock everything in the game, including infinite health, extra credits, and Riffs. You can enter these cheat codes by pressing a certain button on your PlayStation 2 controller at any time. There are several different cheat codes, including Up and Down, but they can only be used during gameplay. For example, Up and Down will unlock certain objectives, while Down and Left will unlock certain riffs.

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