Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster Trainer

Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster Trainer

If you’re a fan of the classic Final Fantasy game, you can find the best trainer in the game. This cheat tool allows you to unlock everything, including Achievements, Extras, and Trophy lists. With this tool, you can get the most out of this PC version of Final Fantasy. You’ll be able to get all of the characters, items, and extras you’ve always wanted, without the need to spend any money on a purchase.


Players can choose from several characters in Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster. The characters you choose will depend on how far along in the game you are. There is a tutorial room for players to learn the basics of the game. Characters that are weak in combat can be made stronger through skill points. Characters with low defense can be easily destroyed by enemies. However, it is not easy to unlock new characters because of their weaknesses.

The graphical quality is excellent, although there are some UI issues. The font is a bit off on PC, but it is still readable. Text and numbers are okay, but spacing is awkward. Nevertheless, the graphics in Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster are absolutely gorgeous. Square Enix drew from the 16-bit approach to give the game an added layer of detail and depth to colors. The game’s CRT filter is handled very well, too, making it an excellent choice for those looking to play a remake of an old classic.


The Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster Trainer is available for download from the game’s official website. The game is not a pixel-perfect remake, but it does bring the experience closer to the original than previous Final Fantasy games. For starters, the game is now more visually pleasing, especially when playing in high resolution. The game also includes an art gallery, which can be accessed from the Extras menu.

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Aside from the graphics and audio, the game’s gameplay has been enhanced. New features include a unique skill system that strengthens various attributes of characters. Key terms that are mentioned during conversations unlock new information and progress through the story. The game also features updated 2D pixel graphics, with work done by Kazuko Shibuya, a former collaborator of Nobuo Uematsu. It also boasts improved gameplay, touch controls, modernized UI, and a bestiary.


If you are looking for the Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster Trainer achievements, you are in luck. By downloading the tool, you can skip the tedious quests and tutorials that come with the game. The tool can be used online and works for both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. The best part is that it is free! You can use it at any time, so you can even earn them while you play!

The game can be a bit unbalanced, and it begs to be abused. But the Pixel Remaster removes many of the later remake kludges and makes the game more like the original. And it still retains the unique design elements that made the first game great in the first place. Despite the game’s flaws, it’s a worthwhile game to play for the historical perspective it provides.

Trophy lists

If you’re looking for a way to unlock more achievements in Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster, there are several ways to do so. The first way is to play the game for at least an hour. Then, you can complete achievements by defeating at least 100 monsters. After you’ve done that, you can then go to the third step. This will unlock achievements for you to unlock later on.

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Soft reset

If you are looking to skip all the annoying tutorials and quests in Final Fantasy II, you can use the Soft reset for Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster trainer. This trainer works on version 1.0 of the game and is available online for download. This cheat also lets you change the maximum stat value for any character. Having a level of more than 128 in Strength and Magic will waste its effect, while a speed of 235 will result in a slow ATB bar.

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