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Ff7 Remake Trainer – How to Unlock Achievements, Cheats, and Minigames

The Ff7 Remake Trainer is a great way to unlock the full potential of this game. In this article, I will go over some of the most common ways to unlock the achievements, minigames, and cheats in this popular game. There are three main categories of trainers that you can use: Achievements, Cheats, and Minigames. Each of these trainers is useful for a different purpose.


The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a reimagining of the PS1 JRPG featuring addictive combat, superb visuals, and new side content for the Yuffie. It also addresses minor problems from the console release of 2020. To make it even better, free cheats from Cielos and FLiNG have been added. The cheats below will help you beat the game with a minimum of fuss.

The five Johnny incidents are events and side quests that revolve around Johnny. The player first encounters Johnny in Chapter 3. After completing the story, a chapter select menu will appear. Johnny will run away from you in the Wall Market, and you will have to select the “Yeah” dialogue option to get him to stop running. After that, he will do a fast version of Charge.


One of the things to do in Ff7 Remake Trainer is to unlock achievements. To do this, you will need to have completed the game in hard mode. This will double your EXP and AP. Moreover, this achievement is unlocked by completing the Chapter 16 battle challenge. The other achievements in Ff7 Remake Trainer are easy to get. Let’s look at some of them.

The Final Boss in FF VII Remake Part 1 is Sephiroth. This is the final story-related achievement in the game, and it is also the final boss. You will meet Sephiroth during the introductory sequence, right after you have beaten the Shinra Soldiers. He is weak to wind, so you will want to use your grappling gun to take him down.

During the motorcycle chase, Cloud doesn’t get major rewards, but if you can complete the game without taking any damage, you will get a trophy. Similarly, the Biker Boy trophy is only available after completing the game. The Bike Minigame is also available in Chapter 4, but Cloud’s bike has no effect. Aside from this, there are other achievements that are not visible during game play.


If you haven’t yet tried Ff7 Remake’s minigames, you’re missing out on an excellent way to improve your game. There’s an excellent minigame that will help you upgrade your units. The game is a lot like Auto Chess, and you’ll find yourself upgrading your units with abilities such as Regen status, Poison, Barrier, and more.

The final minigame is the Lightning Dancer. You’ll need to beat up to level 80 to unlock the Athlete Queen key item. This minigame also has a cheat device and turbo pad for gaining extra levels. You’ll also need to complete this minigame to unlock the Athlete Queen trophy. You’ll also need these items to unlock the Athlete Queen key item.

The game also features the Five Johnny Incidents, which involve various events that happened to Johnny. You first meet Johnny in Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Then, once you’ve finished the story, you’ll unlock the chapter select and the wall market. There, you’ll encounter Johnny who runs away from you in Wall Market. Select “Yeah” in the dialogue box, and he’ll flee.

Another minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake is Whack-a-Box, which involves destroying boxes as quickly as possible. Each box has a corresponding number of points, and bigger boxes are harder to break. There’s also a time limit on this minigame, so it’s important to be quick and aim correctly to avoid being caught by surprise! The minigame is unlocked after clearing the side quest “A Verified Hero” and “Kids On Patrol”.

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