Eastern Exorcist Trainer

Eastern Exorcist Trainer

Eastern Exorcist Trainer is a cheat code for the game. Using this cheat code, players can speed up the game, and trigger certain game effects and events. To activate it, press Ctrl + num 4 keys together. The game will then adjust the speed of the trainer and will automatically trigger the correct effect or event. It is completely safe to use, and is used by several players. For more information about this cheat, read the rest of this article.


The Eastern Exorcist Trainer is a tool that lets you increase your game speed, skip enemies, and trigger specific events. This cheat is safe to use and is being used by many players to increase their game speed. There are 17 different codes that you can use in the Eastern Exorcist Trainer game to get the most out of your experience. Using this tool is as easy as pressing the Ctrl and num 4 keys simultaneously.

Download the Eastern Exorcist Trainer and place it in the root of the game installation folder. Run the trainer before starting the game. The trainer will indicate which keys to press in the game during the game. This will help you achieve a higher score more quickly and save your progress. However, you must be aware that the trainer does not work on all versions of the game and in some languages. Therefore, if you don’t have an English version of the game, you will need to download the French version of the Eastern Exorcist Trainer.

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Game type

For fans of 2D side-scrolling RPGs, there’s Eastern Exorcist. This title follows Lu Yunchuan, a skilled swordsman and exorcist, as he battles the demons infecting China. After his brothers were killed, he begins a path of vengeance that will take him across many different forms and encounter a myriad of people in need of help.

While Eastern Exorcist is known for its platforming, it also features some sections of the game that require more skill than others. Although this type of gameplay allows for safer landings, it is often hard to predict where to land in Eastern Exorcist. Landing on bushy parts of trees and lower branches can lead to a dangerous fall through ledges. In such a game, you should be able to find a suitable landing location before you start your journey.

Game version

Eastern Exorcist is an action-adventure RPG that was developed by Wildfire Game and published by bilibilibili. The game was released out of early access on July 8, 2021 on Steam for Microsoft Windows. There are many ways to train and improve your character to level up faster and complete challenges faster. Eastern Exorcist is an addictive and enjoyable game to play! It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

The Eastern Exorcist trainer allows you to trigger specific effects or events in the game. You can even activate cheats that make it easier to beat difficult levels. For instance, you can activate God mode by pressing the num 1 key. You can also activate ignore hit by pressing the num 2 key, and you can activate unlimited health by pressing the num 3 key. The cheats are completely safe to use and are used by a lot of players.

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Trainer codes

Trainer codes are used by almost all players of Eastern Exorcist to obtain additional advantages in the game. They enable players to win more easily and quickly. There are 17 codes in total, each of which activates a specific effect or event in the game. Players use trainer codes whenever they find the game difficult or when they’re stuck. By pressing the right keys, these cheat codes make the game play much easier. Here’s how you use these cheat codes:

First, the cheat code activates by pressing num 0 and num 1. This will allow you to multiply your attack damage against enemies. You can also multiply your powers by pressing Ctrl + num 1. This cheat will only work if you’re using an upgrade that requires a lot of power. To disable the cheat, you will have to restart the game. Using cheat codes will also enable you to freeze timers and prevent enemies from being revived.

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