Control Trainers

Control Trainer

The PLC (programmable logic controller) is an integrated control loop system that the Instructor can program from virtually anywhere. The PLC is capable of 38 specific training functions, including cascading capabilities between loops, supervisory interlock, and system operation. The PLC is wireless and has a touch screen to facilitate instructor programming. The PLC also comes with diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. A control trainer is not complete without a PLC.

Custom Process Trainer with Remote Supervision

The Custom Process Trainer with Remote Supervision is a versatile training system. It features tanks, pumps and a PID controller. It also includes operator controls, side streams and an orifice flow control loop. The trainer includes a temperature control system and features multiple safety features, including an over-pressure relief valve. Users can program each of the 38 training functions on the control panel. The Custom Process Trainer can be programmed to provide a wide range of learning experiences, including troubleshooting scenarios.

Wireless Hemorrhage Control Trainer with Biofeedback

The Wireless hemorrhage control trainer with Biofeedback is designed with the medical professional in mind. The trainer features a training leg that’s modeled after the actual wound site, a deep wound channel for packing applications, and a tablet with biofeedback software. In addition, the trainer transmits biofeedback pressure data to a tablet, allowing for instant verification of proper techniques.

This TCCC-certified simulator features an anatomically accurate, ultra-lifelike female patient simulation. The simulator’s anatomical detail and pulsatile arterial bleeding makes it an excellent training device for TCCC rapid assessment and hemorrhage control training. There are also African American and Hispanic skin tones available for use in the training of healthcare professionals. With the help of this device, medical professionals can practice point-of-injury skills with increased confidence and competence.

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4-Variable Advanced Process Control Training System

The 4-Variable Advanced Process Control Training System Plus is a versatile and interactive training simulator that allows you to create realistic control loops, including a real process loop. This system includes a tubular steel frame, instrument mounting racks, and modular instrument panels. The courseware includes hands-on exercises and a course guide, making it easy to create a personalized training experience. This simulation platform also enables you to create a realistic process environment by using common industrial quality components, such as pressure sensors, pumps, and valves.

The trainer can be customized with more than 90 optional accessories. You can choose from an array of different instruments, including industrial PID controllers, touchscreen HMI panels, and data acquisition interface panels. It also has several components to simulate different strategies, such as turbine and vortex-type flow measurement assemblies. The trainer is designed to allow students to experiment with different controls and see which one works best. With a 4-Variable Advanced Process Control Training System, students can learn the latest industry standards in process control.

Hampden Model H-TCD-1 Temperature Control Demonstrator

The Hampden H-TCD-1 Temperaturature Control Demonstrator is an excellent tool for teaching temperature control in process and chemical heat exchangers. The instrument allows students to observe the heat transfer process and see the flow rate, temperature, and control valve position. This tool can be used in both classroom and laboratory settings. It is ideal for use in chemical engineering, process engineering, and environmental science courses.

The Model H-6715 Refrigeration Cycle Demonstrator introduces the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that heat cannot pass from cold to hot without external agency. The evaporator absorbs heat when a liquid evaporates at low pressure, while the condenser rejects the heat when a vapor is at high pressure. Students can monitor the temperature and pressure of the liquid by connecting the H-6715-10 Instrument Package Option to the device.

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