Contra Nes Cheats

Contra Nes Cheats
Contra Nes Cheats

Contra Nes Cheats include cheat codes that grant you extra lives. The game is based around Contra carts that roll across the screen. Players must avoid running into the sides of the carts or they will be killed. The game also features platforming segments where the Contra carts play a larger role. You can also induce stationary carts to move and change their direction. The game also features alien creatures that appear from the mouth of the Emperor-Demon Dragon God Java. These creatures move in various patterns and home in on the player.

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Contra Nes Cheats

If you’re looking for cheats for Contra, then you’ve come to the right place! Contra cheats are available for both the Super Nintendo and the NES version. You can even find cheats for Contra 3: The Alien Wars! Here, you’ll find a cheat for the game’s Super C mode!

This cheat code turns bullets into sprites of your character, which fill the screen. This makes it very difficult to shoot straight. The good thing is, you can use it again by returning to the game’s start screen. Just make sure to turn off the game genie while using this cheat code.

contra cheat code 100 lives

Contra NES cheat codes are extremely useful in this game, as they enable you to get a certain amount of lives without paying money. In the US version, the cheat code gives you 10 lives, while the cheat code for the Japanese version gives you 30 lives. In both versions, you need to hold the C, B, and A buttons on the directional pad.

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Contra was a difficult game, and even if you mastered the game, just one stray bullet could end your game. That’s why the cheat code for the NES game, also known as the “30 Lives Code,” became so popular and useful that many people still use it in the game. Contra cheat codes can be incredibly useful and are often held onto for a long time, so it’s worth checking them out if you’re looking to make some quick progress in the game.

super contra nes cheats

If you’re looking for a cheat code for Super Contra NES, you’ve come to the right place! These cheat codes let you add a few extra lives, and even unlock the two-player option. If you’re playing the Japanese version, you can also get 30 extra lives with a special code. Alternatively, you can hold DOWN and press Start. Once you’re done, you can use the FORCE code to cycle colors and rotate letters.

Super Contra is one of the most popular NES games ever released. It was released in 1990 in North America, and in Europe as Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces. Both versions feature a two-player mode and similar gameplay. Although the game is similar to the arcade version, it features drastic changes. It also retains the two-player mode that was unique to the arcade version.

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contra cheats 99 lives

Contra Nes Cheats,contra nes cheats game genie,contra cheat code 100 lives,super contra nes cheats,contra cheats 99 lives,contra cheat code unlimited lives

Contra was a challenging game to master, and one stray bullet could sabotage your entire game. Luckily, there were cheat codes to give you up to 30 extra lives. While cheat codes aren’t always useful, they’re still a useful addition to any gamer’s arsenal. And once you’ve learned a cheat code, you’ll often hang onto it for a long time.

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The first method involves using the DS controller to enter a special code. The code is a combination of the letter “X” and a number. This code will grant you extra lives for as long as you’re playing the Japanese version. Another way to get extra lives is by pressing the “A” and “B” buttons on the controller. It will also allow you to access the game’s sound mode and select a stage. The code will work for any difficulty level, but the game’s Easy difficulty setting won’t affect it.

contra cheat code unlimited lives

Contra is a retro classic game with cheat codes to give you extra lives. The game can be difficult if you are new to the genre. The game is very challenging, and one stray bullet can ruin your entire game. In order to cheat in Contra, you have to press certain buttons on the NES controller. These buttons are select and start. There are also codes that give you more than 30 lives. These cheats are great for people who are looking to speed up their game play.

Contra Hard Corps has a cheat code called “HCU.” You enter it during the loading screen of the game. During this time, the background music will be the Jungle theme from Contra. You can also enter the code by pressing the L3 and R3 buttons at the same time. The HCU cheat code gives you 30 lives. The Super Contra cheat code unlocks the most powerful weapon in the game. Unlike the other codes, the cheat will not affect your achievements or save games.

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