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There are a number of Contra 3 cheat codes out there. Some of the cheat codes can give you unlimited lives, while others can give you up to 30 lives. There is also a code that gives you 10 lives if you are playing the Japanese version of the game. There are also cheats available for the PS4 version, and there is even a cheat for the Switch version.

contra 3 cheat codes unlimited lives

contra 3 cheat codes unlimited lives
contra 3 cheat codes unlimited lives

Contra 3 cheat codes are codes that allow you to cheat in the game to get extra lives. These codes are often very useful for gamers who want to advance in the game. These codes can be used in two ways. In the first way, they can help you get more lives in one game. In the other way, they can help you get more lives in several games.

In the first way, cheat codes can be used to get extra lives in Contra 3: The Alien Wars. These codes can be entered using the A and B buttons. This will allow you to get unlimited Super Machinegun lives and avoid the achievement system. However, this method will prevent you from uploading your scores to the Xbox Live leaderboards. Another way to get unlimited lives is by using the RIGHT and LEFT buttons. These will let you go to the player selection screen and press A and B to get extra lives.

contra 3 cheats ps4

Contra 3 cheats on PS4 allow you to get unlimited lives and unlock a lot of game options. Contra is a run-and-gun classic that made the Konami Code popular. You can enter the code in the game by pressing the A and B buttons in reverse order. This code will give you 30 extra lives and will change the background music to the Jungle theme of the original Contra. This code will also work with the Japanese version of the game.

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The Contra series started in the arcade, but was ported to NES hardware. This version is a lot brighter than the European version and uses a custom mapper chip. This allows for better animations and maps between levels. This version also allows for two-player cooperative play with a friend.

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contra 3 cheat code 30 lives

contra 3 cheat code 30 lives
contra 3 cheat code 30 lives

Contra 3 cheat code 30 lives is a hack that will give you 30 extra lives. It can also be used to unlock the two-player mode. To access the code, you need to hold the directional pad. Then, you can enter the code on the screen. It works on both US and Japanese versions.

This cheat code was developed by Japanese video game developer Shigeru Hashimoto, who has been credited with the creation of nine video games. It is a unique set of buttons that activates useful power-ups and gives players more lives. This code was made popular by the NES version of Contra. It was nearly a necessity for playing the game.

Contra 3 cheat code 30 lives allows players to skip certain levels. It also allows players to get a parody intro by entering a specific code. This cheat code is available for Super Nintendo consoles, and can be used on NES emulators using the Game Genie device. You can find these devices on Amazon. They can only be used on side or top view levels, and they are not available in the arcade version.

contra 3 cheats switch

Contra 3 cheats switch can be useful when you are playing the game on your Switch. For example, it is possible to use the Infernax code to create a new save file with an extra thirty lives. You can also use the 019B91DD code to get 99 lives in the game. However, these cheats are only available for the action replay mode.

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If you are playing the Sega Genesis version of Contra, you will need the second controller. To activate this cheat, press A, C, B, and D, and you’ll be given the extra lives. In the Japanese version, you can also activate the sound mode and select the stage with the second controller.

contra 3 cheats xbox one

Contra III is a challenging shooter that demands a lot of patience and focus. You must keep an eye out for the dangers and enemies on both the top and bottom screens in order to survive. The characters are One Hit Point Wonders that only have two or three attacks. The game’s bosses also follow a predictable pattern.

Contra III cheats can be used to bypass the difficulty of some levels. One way is to add extra lives. Gaining extra lives automatically triggers the end of the level screen. Another way is to enter the Game Genie cheat code. This works on the Super Nintendo using the Game Genie device, which is available on Amazon. It is not possible to use this code on top or side view levels, so this option isn’t advisable for everyone.

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