Astria Ascending Trainer Guide

Astria Ascending Trainer

The game is a lot more fun than you might think if you have an Astria Ascending Trainer to help you out! This trainer will walk you through the game’s main quests and characters, as well as the different achievement levels. If you don’t have a trainer, you should read through this Astria Ascending guide to see what you’re missing. There are plenty of things to learn about Astria Ascending, so keep reading!

Game Overview

Astria Ascending is a vanillaware RPG with a unique fantasy setting and a need for quality-of-life improvements. While the story is intriguing and the game mechanics are solid, it does suffer from a number of issues that make it a difficult game to recommend. Here are the game’s main shortcomings. They will be outlined in more detail below. The first problem is that the game does not include an auto-equip feature, nor does it have an indicator of upcoming side quests or jobs. Also, the character’s head stays stationary.

Astria Ascending is a side-scrolling game with light platforming at the beginning and heavier platforming later in the game. Enemies in the dungeons appear as floating spheres which will trigger a battle when touched. The dungeons in the game are primarily puzzles, with the latter involving multi-screen puzzles. There are also some instant-death pits that require a large amount of grinding to get past. Luckily, there are cheats available for Astria Ascending.


Astria Ascending is a fantasy Japanese role-playing game with turn-based combat and a wide range of monsters to fight. The game features an expansive fantasy world with a hand-drawn 2D art style. Astria Ascending’s announcement trailer is incredibly lore-heavy. The game is set in a fictional universe called Orcanon and will feature five different cities and a dynamic weather system.

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A main tank in Astria Ascending is Ulan, who will provoke enemies and dish out decent damage with Wave. She also has a Guard passive, which automatically blocks enemy attacks. Using this passive will maximize her HP and defense stats while protecting her teammates. Depending on her job, Ulan may be able to use her skills such as Scholar Cure, Erio, and Omni Erio. Aside from these skills, Ulan also has access to dark elemental spells.


Astria Ascending has an intuitive job system, which gives you a variety of abilities to use in combat and puzzles. You can customize each of your characters’ jobs based on personal preference and the weaknesses of your enemies. The game has four difficulty levels: Normal, Easy, and Very Hard. While these four levels are fairly easy, they are not the most enjoyable or challenging. The game’s difficulty spikes can make them difficult to complete even for seasoned RPG players.

There are eight characters in Astria Ascending, and the default party is two physical fighters and two magical fighters. Keep in mind that some monsters are weaker than others and that even the most brutal warriors cannot slash through every defense. There are also plenty of opportunities to swap out characters, which can be helpful when you’re in need of extra health and power. However, if you want to try out other characters, Astria Ascending Trainer Quests should be your first choice.


There are some achievements in Astria Ascending that can earn you 1000 gamerscore, and you can find out about them by following this guide. The first achievement to unlock is called “Astria Ascending Legend”. It requires 50 to 60 hours to achieve, so you’ll need to be patient to complete it. The next achievement you can unlock is “Master the Demons” – this achievement will restore a single target’s HP, and will increase the probability that the enemy will target you for 3 turns.

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Trophy List

One of the most satisfying aspects of the game is its extensive Trophy List. The game includes 38 Bronze trophies, 10 Silver trophies, and two Gold trophies. Each trophy is unlocked by completing a certain task or experience in the game. You will earn them by progressing through the game and by completing all the side-quests. There are also many other achievements worth mentioning, including the achievements for leveling up your characters, completing the main story, and completing various side-quests.


The Astria Ascending game features turn-based combat, legendary beasts and a dynamic weather system. You can customize your character and use a wide range of special abilities to improve your game experience. It takes place over five different cities and includes over 200 monsters. Players can also gather mythical beasts and wield legendary Cosmo Breaks to aid them in their quest. Astria Ascending is a mature emotional JRPG.

Luckily, there is an Astria Ascending trainer available for download! Unlike many other cheats, this cheat tool is 100% safe and legal to use. It works by modifying memory and values of games. For example, developers of the Astria Ascending game altered addresses to change their behavior. While you shouldn’t worry about getting caught using a cheat, this trainer is safe and legal. Luckily, you can download the trainer for free to enjoy Astria Ascending and its amazing features.

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