Apex Legends Trainer

Apex Legends Trainer

To play the Apex Legends game, you must download the game trainer. The Apex Legends game has 19 weapons at launch. You can choose from light, heavy, energy, and shotgun shells. You must also understand that each gun requires a specific type of ammo to function properly. An Apex Legends trainer will help you understand the different types of ammo, as well as what weapons require what type of ammo.

Quick TTK

If you are looking for a quick TTK for Apex Legends Trainer, then you’ve come to the right place. A dedicated player, Bears_Say_Meow, has compiled a spreadsheet that lists the average TTK for each weapon in the game. The spreadsheet contains useful information like the maximum number of kills per shot and the amount of damage each weapon deals to the body and head. Similarly, the spreadsheet shows the TTK for different armor and helmet levels. It does not include shotguns, though.

Another important tip is to train your aim. If you’re right-handed, you should practice flicking on both sides. Practice aiming by flicking random targets and shooting from different angles. Keep in mind that hand-eye coordination is a process and can take some time. Regardless of which hand you use, you should aim to achieve a high TTK. Aim trainers are one of the best ways to boost your aiming.

MicroStarTrack Precision

The MicroStarTrack Precision Apex Legends trainer offers a variety of realistic scenarios that can improve your skills in the game. It tests your hand-eye coordination and micro adjustments, which can be useful in a competitive game like Apex Legends, where winning by hitting a single shot is crucial. It includes different exercises for tracking, precision, and sprinting. The goal is to improve your mouse and hand coordination for optimal gameplay in this game.

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The first routine focuses on the Switchtrack, which requires warming up tracking. This exercise trains your aim while moving around the game. It improves your aim as the aim moves across a large area of the mousepad. Similarly, the spheretrack routine improves your aim and tracking, while focusing on changing mouse pressure while shooting. The ultimate routine focuses on switching aiming styles, which is ideal for advanced players who have achieved mastery of a wide variety of Apex scenarios.

Mouse DPI

To play with the best mouse settings, it is crucial to understand what each setting means. There are several different levels of sensitivity, and it is important to know the difference between each. Most Apex Legends pros play with around 1400 eDPI, and their ADS sensitivity is set to one. As a general rule, players should leave acceleration and invert off when setting up their mouse, as they can seriously affect their aim. Controller players, on the other hand, should set their sensitivity between three and five, while the look and movement deadzones should be small.

Besides sensitivity, the other important factor is aim sensitivity. In Apex, players must shoot in both horizontal and vertical directions, and this requires higher aim sensitivity than in other shooters. To find out what sensitivity you should use, you can refer to Valorant’s eDPI settings, or to the eDPI of the pros. These values are based on the in-game sensitivity, which is measured in effective dots per inch.


If you’re struggling to get good at tracking in Apex, you should play on a map that mimics the real world. The thin targets mimic players who stand still and are therefore harder to track. Another good map to practice tracking is Air Dodge, which simulates player movement to practice horizontal and vertical tracking. It is also good for practicing ADAD spamming, which is the technique of strafing while shooting. In this way, you can become more proficient at this technique. Other good maps for practice tracking are The V2 and Thin Gauntlet.

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In Apex Legends, you can use a threat spotter to track nearby enemies. It is passive, but it’s helpful because it will give you an idea of where your enemies are before a firefight. When you get near an enemy squad, you can hear its heartbeat. During a firefight, it becomes very useful, since enemies with low health will have a faster heartbeat. However, there are some disadvantages to this.

Training scenarios

The Apex Legends Trainer allows you to practice a number of different actions and moves in a safe environment before entering competitive scenes. The aiming training scenarios include a series of different targets, each of which is positioned in a different depth. Training scenarios are a great way to develop game sense and understand the fundamentals of aiming and shooting. By regularly practicing your aim, you can enhance muscle fibers and decrease reaction times.

There are six different training scenarios for Apex Legends. Each one focuses on a different skill set. In the aiming lab, for example, six different scenarios are available for players to practice their aim and mouse control. The aim lab also offers a variety of other training scenarios, including ones involving flying. This way, you can improve your shooting accuracy while having fun. This is an excellent way to learn how to take down enemies with a powerful gun.

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