A Peasants Quest Cheats

A Peasants Quest Cheats
A Peasants Quest Cheats

A Peasants Quest Cheats are here and Peasants Quest is one of the best RPG games available for mobile devices. This game is filled with lots of puzzles and is a great way to kill time. It also allows you to earn extra money, which can be used to purchase extra weapons, armor and other things. To help you get the most out of this game, I’ve written some Cheats for Peasants Quest.

How to get to Trogdor’s lair in Peasants Quest

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A Peasants Quest Cheats

If you want to make a statue and complete the game, you must get to Trogdor’s lar. This lair is marked with red dots on the map. You must talk to the guard and save your game to get there. There are three guardians to talk to and the guards will ask you riddles. If you fail to answer them correctly, you will be punished by being played sappy folk songs and dying. You can also bribe them by using the items you find in the game.

Firstly, you have to enter the mountain. You cannot enter the mountain unless you are a peasant. If you are not a peasant, you won’t be able to pass the knight. You have to dress in peasant clothing and smell like a peasant. You also cannot enter the lair if you don’t smell like one.

Then, you must climb a cliff. This will take you about 3 screens. The top is on the north side. You must be careful because rocks will fall on you while climbing. Make sure to save on a different screen because you can’t save while climbing.

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The game is action-packed but thankfully, the puzzles are forgiving. Try to stay calm and don’t panic! It’ll all work out in the end!

How to kill the Kerrek in Peasants Quest

The first quest in the game is to kill the Kerrek. There are three different ways to do this. You can either use a weapon, or take his belt. Either way, you should kill him. You can kill Kerrek by typing “shoot” or “take” on the screen.

You will find the map under the burnt-out hovel. The map shows you the location of all the locations that you have already visited. Be careful, though. The Kerrek is a dangerous enemy, and will kill you if he catches you. But there are ways to kill him without being caught!

The first method involves using an arrow. While the Kerrek isn’t terribly friendly, he can still be killed by an arrow. Another method involves offering Kerrek a cold drink. This won’t kill him instantly, but it will make him run around twice as fast. Once you’ve killed him, the other peasants will praise you as their hero.

The second way is by using a magic potion. In this case, you must have a strong aura of danger. This method isn’t easy, but it will save you from dying. It’s a bit of an artifact, but it’s worth a try!

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How to get all achievements in Peasants Quest

Peasants Quest is a great web browser adventure game. You can start playing the game by visiting the official website. You can play the game in fullscreen or select fullscreen mode. To play, use the keyboard to move around and to answer questions. You can also use spaces to skip repeated characters. Be sure to enable cookies so your progress is saved.

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There are a few ways to get all the achievements in Peasants Quest. First, you must be leveled. You should have at least level 6 and maxed gear. You should also have agility boosting items and have the right equipment to do the quest.

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