60 Parsecs Trainer

If you’ve ever played the game 60 Parsecs!, you know that the journey is not without its hazards. For example, you may run out of soup on board, or find yourself in a deadly zone. This trainer will help you overcome these obstacles and reach your destination. The trainer includes the files you need to use the trainer, as well as a game installation file. Once you’ve downloaded it, unzip the archive and run the trainer.

Hacks for 60 seconds

During a game of Hacks for 60 seconds, your goal is to survive 60 seconds in a simulated house. You can do so by collecting useful supplies and locating your family. The challenges are varied and include time management, overcoming emotions, and controlling impulsiveness. This mod has an excellent selection of mission types and game modes. In addition, you can also choose to play in Classic mode. There are two game modes in Hacks for 60 seconds Atomic Adventure.

In 60 Seconds, you can use different cheat codes and cheats to help you in both sections of the game. The scavenge section requires you to run around your house to gather supplies, and then deposit them in the fallout bunker to start the survival portion. This will allow you to obtain items you need to complete the levels in the game. However, you need to be able to quickly and efficiently complete these missions.

Infinite food

This cheat is designed to give you unlimited amounts of food in 60 Parsecs! It takes effect when your current day is over. The creator of 60 Parsecs!, David K., submitted the cheat codes for the game. They suggest that you choose the captain Emmet. This character is superior to other options, and has the perfect stat options. In addition, he has a special ability to generate materials every turn, allowing him to feed his crew without having to worry about running out.

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If you’ve ever played the indie sci-fi video game 60 Seconds!, you know that there’s no shortage of options for cheats. But you might not know which cheats work best. The 60 Parsecs Trainer Table is a simple yet effective way to find cheat codes for games. Just follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to winning every game. This table is available in English and German, and it has all of the cheats you’ll need to unlock all of the levels in 60 Parsecs.

There are several cheat codes for 60 Parsecs! You can find some useful tips for beginners in the game’s forum, including a guide that explains the mechanics of the game. For example, the “Stats” section contains the perfect stats for a superior captain. “Set Health to Max” is a cheat for a superior crew member. The “Set Health to Max” address will enable a cheat code for the player to be in the green area before the two minutes expire.

Infinite water

If you’re looking for a cheat for 60 Parsecs, there’s a new trainer that can help you get endless amounts of water. The free trainer only takes effect after the current day has ended. If you’d like unlimited water in your game, consider becoming a Patreon patron. That way, you can request more trainers and give me suggestions! You can get indefinite water in no time!

Infinite energy

Infinite energy is a great perk in 60 Parsecs!. It can be useful for new players because it makes it easier to control the ship. In addition, the unlimited energy perk gives players a leg up on other characters. Here’s how to use an Infinite energy for 60 Parsecs trainer:

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